Hola is a Creative Studio and Consciousness Lab based in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Our clients are from all over the planet. If you are outside of planet Earth, you can hire us as well 👽


So, yes, Hola. My name is Tree Stoddart and I'm a Graphic Designer, Brand Developer, Illustrator and Photographer from Spain. I've been offering graphic solutions in Europe since 2007. My work has been shown in Art Exhibitions in Spain and the UK. 

I specialize in helping individuals and companies to find their own unique style and increase visibility by creating eye-catching artwork. My love for Sacred Geometry is embedded in all my work. I define myself as a tool for people to be able to create their own Art through a co-creative experience.

My husband, Cameron Stoddart, and I launched Hola Creative Studio in 2019, and we are looking forward to create awesomeness with you.

Let me introduce myself

I’m a conscious Graphic Designer & Photographer from the celtic north of Spain. I’m all about creativity. I’m also a musician, Cosmic Songwriter and Gong Ninja. A smiles provider since 1986. I love art, creativity, CMYK artworks, unicorns with rainbow colored tails, striped socks for the winter, vegetarian food, the smell of sage, and prayer flags. I love the way my husband smiles to me. I love him. I love myself. I love you. I love the early morning sunlight while I’m sitting down on my desk working on graphic solutions. If possible with a Chai Tea. With milk, thank you. Life is beautiful.


I’m passionate about co-creating, sharing my artistic talents with all my dear human family, building community, supporting others. I found a way to match creativity, consciousness and marketing, so I’m also passionate about sharing that process with my clients. I enjoy the difference in viewers and thrive when given the opportunity to form concepts from beginning to end. The way I communicate is always honest, true, supportive, loving and kind. And with Spanish accent, that too.


Do you have a logo / branding / design project in mind? I would love to hear about it. Let’s sit down together and co-create awesomeness. It is your birthright to thrive on this planet.


Looking forward to meeting you,

Tree Stoddart.